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Geronimo Stilton | At Sea | Geronimo Stilton Adventures | Compilation | Cartoons for Children

Geronimo Stilton | At Sea | Geronimo Stilton Adventures | Compilation | Cartoons for Children
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Meet the characters!

Geronimo Stilton, born in New Mouse City, the capital of the Mice, is a type, even a rat, intellectual, he graduated in Rattica topology of Literature and Comparative Philosophy Archeotopica.
He directs the Rodent's Gazette, the most famous island of the Topi newspaper, founded by his grandfather Torquato Travolgiratti, but his real passion is writing.
In his spare time Geronimo listen to classical music and collects antique cheese crusts of the eighteenth century, but especially loves writing books.
He loves Patty Spring. His weakness is that he can never refuse anything to his grandson Benjamin (for this often happens that others ask Benjamin to ask his uncle to do something that Geronimo, if it was for him, would not absolutely).

Tea Stilton, Geronimo's sister, is the special correspondent and photographer Eco Rodent.
It is very sporty, aggressive, reckless and an expert in any extreme sport, and moves ever riding a big bike (and because of these aspects of her personality form a strange contrast to his brother, the diametrically opposite character).
It is also very athletic and charming, and this has many suitors, and had many boyfriends and left.

Benjamin Stilton, favourite nephew of Geronimo, is nine years old. Polite, inquisitive and intelligent, he's very good at school, except in physical education, where, like his uncle, is a real duffer.
It is quite tech savvy and computer science, for this always helps his uncle, but that is a true landslide with any form of technology.
He loves Pandora Woz. Often he accompany his uncle on his adventures, adventures and Geronimo tells in his books.

Trap Stilton, Geronimo's cousin and Tea. She loves to cook and even eat. His specialty is the trappolosa sauce, a spicy sauce.
He also likes to make many jokes and teasing, even heavy, Geronimo (which, as everyone in the family, has a great love anyway) and often end up getting into trouble.
It has a multi-faceted personality, has played and changed many jobs even absurd, and unwittingly saved the precious picture of the Mona Topisa by fire (he had not realised that the painting was on fire, he just wanted to drink orangeade and opening the spray cans was done randomly on the board), becoming a hero.
It is believed to be descended from "noble" House of Von Trappen of Transtopacchia until in a slush of flies for the count will start for Transtopacchia and discover not descended from Von Trappen (which is hiding a big secret, that is, who are vampires) but from noble decayed Trap Testadura.

Patty Spring, television journalist who dedicates his life to protect the environment, and in his spare time plays the flute and sings.
It is blonde, slim and beautiful and returns secretly love that Geronimo feels for her, even though between them is always a stalemate. It's the Pandora's aunt.

Pandora Woz, best friend of Benjamin and grandson of Patty Spring, is a very nice little mouse and all too vivid, especially for Geronimo.

Grandfather Torquato Travolgiratti, said Panzer, is the grandfather of Geronimo, Tea \u0026 Trap and great-grandfather of Benjamin.
He founded the Rodent's Gazette, which he directed for many years and then left reluctantly inherited by Geronimo, and then often threaten to return him to direct the head. It has a giant camper-coloured cheese, almost 25 meters long, and inside it looks like a 5-star hotel.
His favourite nephew Tea, which always praises, and often at all is natural to ask why has not left her the newspaper. Although it is always very critical and hard on Geronimo, basically she loves him.
It is a big fan of golf, sport practice forever, and as a young man has won many tournaments. Still a young man, before you decide to become a journalist, was also a promising football player, and founded the Rattonia Football Club, football club based in New Mouse City, where he is currently chairman

제로니모의 환상 모험 스페셜북 (북트레일러) Geronimo Stilton Book Trailer

■놀라운 크기와 화려한 그림으로
어린이 독자들의 마음을 사로잡을 제로니모의 환상 모험 스페셜북!

상상과 현실의 세계를 넘나들며 다양하고도 유쾌한 모험을 선사해 온 판타지 동화 《제로니모의 환상 모험》이 커다란 빅북으로 다시 한번 독자들을 찾아왔습니다. 기존 《제로니모의 환상 모험》 도서보다 네 배 가까이 커진 크기에 오돌토돌한 용의 비늘 질감이 느껴지는 화려한 표지, 책을 넣어 보관할 수 있는 케이스 등 고급스러운 외형은 모두의 마음을 사로잡을 거예요.

이번 스페셜북 《꿈의 황금 알과 판타지 세계의 시작》은 겉모습만큼이나 내용도 무척 특별하지요. 바로 비밀 중의 비밀인 요정 나라의 여왕 플로리아가 살고 있는 판타지 세계의 시작에 관한 이야기를 담고 있기 때문이에요. 어느 추운 겨울날, 제로니모는 은빛 독수리에 의해 꿈나라에 가 ‘꿈의 황금 알’을 찾아와 달라는 부탁을 받고 꿈의 황금알 원정대를 꾸려 모험을 떠났어요. 제로니모가 모험을 끝마칠 때쯤이면 어린이 독자들도 판타지 세계가 어떻게 생기게 되었는지 궁금증을 풀 수 있어요.

글 제로니모 스틸턴ㅣ옮김 이승수ㅣ대상 초등학교 전 학년ㅣ사양 410*450mm, 72쪽, 양장본, 올컬러 | 값 77,000원

▶도서 정보 자세히 보기 《제로니모의 환상 모험 스페셜북》
※ 이 영상에는 고도체가 적용되어 있습니다.

판타지 동화《제로니모의 환상 모험》애니메이션 영상_베스트셀러_geronimo stilton

어린이 베스트셀러 《제로니모의 환상 모험》 24권을 보여주는 소개 영상입니다.

24. 사라진 날개돌이 반지와 판타지 비밀 동맹 _특별판
플로리아 여왕님이 맡긴 소중한 날개돌이 반지를 잃어버린 제로니모! 날개돌이 반지를 되찾고 찢어진 마법의 장막을 되돌려 놓기 위한 모험이 시작되는데….

《제로니모의 환상 모험》은 미국, 프랑스, 이탈리아, 일본 등 42개 국에 번역된 어린이 판타지 베스트셀러 시리즈입니다.
★2009 소년한국 우수 어린이 도서 선정
★어린이문화진흥회 선정도서

책 미리 읽어보기 http://goo.gl/Lgkswz

저자 제로니모 스틸턴 | 역자 이승수 | 사파리출판사 | 2016.07.28 | 페이지 716


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